Best in the world for agronomy and sustainable agriculture

International recognition for ECM


The UK’s leading practitioner of integrated crop management


Pioneering the use of the latest bio-pesticides


A system that allows farmers to produce high-quality food profitably whilst following best environmental practice

Environmental Respect Awards 2018: Environmental Crop Management and two other companies acknowledged as best in world for agronomy, sustainable agriculture and dedication to the environment.


Environmental Crop Management Limited is an independent company supplying crop protection solutions to farmers in the North West of England. The company was established in 1991. We have a team of Agronomists that examine a wide variety of crops including spring and winter cereals, oil seed rape, potatoes, maize, grassland and vegetables for weed, pest or nutritional disorders.

We are the UK’s leading practitioner of Integrated Crop Management, a farming system that minimises any environmental damage whilst providing safe food. The sustainable approach has been adopted by over 1200 of our farmer customers in the past 25 years. Pesticides are only applied to crops following a full crop inspection once economic thresholds for damage are exceeded. Only the most benign materials are chosen and cultural control methods are employed.